Why does this city smell of vinegar?

Bristol residents aren't happy with the stench

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An English city council has taken rather drastic (and smelly) measures to ensure their city centre is free of weeds.

Bristol Council has been using vinegar as a natural weedkiller - but residents aren't happy about it because it's creating such a stink.

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One issue with using vinegar as a weed killer is that it will kill everything it comes into contact with and so makes it more difficult to be selective to certain areas.

However not all the residents are annoyed by the council's acidic decision. Lin Ned a local resident said in the Daily Mail: "People should stop complaining. Industrial strength vinegar has been used as a weedkiller for many years on the continent and it's proven to be very successful.

"A few days of stinking of vinegar is much better than the high risk chemical weedkiller which does cause cancer."

Good House Keeping suggests vinegar is a viable homemade weedkiller alternative along with pouring boiling water on them, smothering them with newspaper and using salt among other suggestions.

Gillian Douglas, the council's service director for Clean and Green, said: "This trial of Glyphosate-free weed treatments is still in its early stages, having been implemented in response to widespread public concern about the use of Glyphosate as a weed killer.

"We are sorry to hear that some residents are concerned about the use of vinegar and we will monitor feedback throughout the trial."

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