UK spider bite pensioner to have part of finger amputated

Derek Phillips was bitten as he slept

uk man bitten by false widow spider

A man from Malvern will have his finger amputated after he was bitten by a false widow spider at his home in Worcestershire.

Derek Phillips, 82, told the BBC that he woke up to "really throbbing pain" in his left index finger that "didn't ease up at all" seven weeks ago.

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He was forced to spend five days in Worcester Hospital and is due to have surgery to have part of his finger up to his knuckle amputated on Monday.

Doctors suspect he was bitten by a venomous spider while he slept.

Speaking to BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, his wife Pam said: "I think they were hoping the top of the finger was going to drop off on its own but it's gone on long enough."

False widow spiders have become more common in Britain as the climate changes.

In February, footballer James Gray spoke of being rushed to A&E after a false widow spider bit him on the arm as he slept in his Manchester apartment.

The Wrexham striker went to hospital a week after the bite. He was immediately put on a drip and had surgery to remove the spider's venom.

Speaking to The Sun, he said that he was sweating badly and felt like he had a fever a week after the bite: "I couldn't sleep and just felt horrible. My veins pop out at the best of times but they were really standing out and they looked red.

"The infection was going right up my arm."

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