This dog has the most incredible football skills

Alfie's owner says he's never taught his pet any of the things he does

Dog reveals incredible soccer skills

A British dog has displayed such a love of soccer balls that he been compared to one of the world's most famous players.

Alfie is a family pet and his owner, Peter Simpkins, told Reuters the two-year old dog has no special training.

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But a video posted to YouTube shows Alfie chasing soccer balls with glee, even demonstrating the ability to balance them on his head.

"He is very gentle and funny, and much loved by myself and family. His football skills are just a bonus," Simpkins said in an emailed interview.

"He has never been taught to do any of the things he does, only encouraged as he enjoys it so much."

Simpkins received Alfie from the Dogs Trust of Evesham as a puppy and has remained in contact with the animal welfare charity as his pet pooch has grown up.

On 13 April the trust posted this video of Alfie to YouTube with the title 'Meet Ronaldog', a play on the name of Madrid player Ronaldo.

In a written statement the charity said Alfie's skills also include dribbling the ball at speed, back-heeling, and keeping the ball away from human playmates.

The Dog's Trust was founded 125 years ago and it is now the largest charity for dog welfare in the UK.

In 2014 alone the Trust was able to care for 16,731 dogs across the country.

To find out how you can get involved and support the Dog's Trust, head to their website here:

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