Bombs under sunbeds: Terrorists 'targeting Europe beaches'

Warning over threats to European holiday hotspots


Bombs under sunbeds: Terrorists 'targeting Europe beaches'

Terrorists are plotting to attack tourists on holiday this summer at European hotspots like Spain, France and Italy, warn experts.

German and Italian intelligence agencies have learned that Isis terrorists are planning to pose as ice cream and T-shirt sellers to disguise themselves.

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There are also reports that terrorists aim to detonate bombs buried under beach sunbeds, according to the Mirror.

The Express reports that the German newspaper BILD said BND, Germany's equivalent of MI6, had received reports of the plan from a 'credible source' in Africa.

BILD said beaches in Southern France, the Costa del Sol in Spain and both coasts of Italy were being targeted.

It is believed the threat comes from the group Boko Haram, a group that has allied itself with Isis.

Seck Pouye, police chief of the Senegalese town of Saly, told the Express: "These people travel regularly to Italy and other places with visas and documents.

"They are not illegal because they are viewed as business people and traders. That is what makes them so dangerous.

According to Fox News, he added: "They want to strike Italian, French and Spanish beaches. They will exploit certain radicalised vendors who travel regularly between Italy and Senegal."

He added: "It could be a whole new dimension of terror. Holiday beaches cannot be protected."

In June last year, 38 people, 30 of which were British, died when gunmen opened fire at tourists on a beach in Tunisia.

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