Russia museum hires cat and pays him in caviar

Maray the cat works at the Seprukhov Museum of Art and History

Russian Cat Employed by Museum and Paid in Caviar

Do you long for a job where you're surrounded by priceless art, the hours are nine to five and you're served caviar for lunch?

This job does actually exist but unfortunately not for humans, the role is currently occupied by a cat.

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The Seprukhov Museum of Art and History in Russia has a cat who frequents the museum and they love him, so as an April Fool's joke they created a fake job application for the cat and Maray accepted.

The museum sent the adorable application to the press and it ended up with people petitioning the museum to actually hire the friendly feline.

The museum couldn't say no to the masses so they ended up hiring the cat and decided to pay him in caviar lunches.

Maray gets to nap whenever he likes during the day while enjoying the love and admiration of those taking a look around the museum.

Nina Strelkova, the Head of Tourist Information at the museum, told Mashable how it started as a joke saying: "My colleague Galina Stroeva wrote an article on our site about the cat, Maray. Then I sent it to the local and regional media stating that Maray the cat wrote a statement to work at the museum, but that we do not have a job for him."

She added: "Maray comes to work at exactly 9 am, just like all the other employees. He sits near the entrance to the museum and meets visitors.

"He meows and politely shows visitors to the entrance. He has lunch at 1pm, after which he walks around for an hour. His workday ends at 5pm."

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