Millionaire kicked off flight shouts about his salary and six houses

Passenger also bragged about his "176 IQ" and "20/20 vision"

JetBlue Passenger Receives Hundreds Of Threatening Emails After Tirade That's Caught On Tape

An unruly passenger who was filmed insulting fellow travellers and bragging about his wealth on a JetBlue flight last week has apologised after he was kicked off the plane.

David Brackett, believed to be the vice president of a real estate company, was thrown off the Long Beach to Sacramento flight following the incident last Friday.

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During his rant, he yelled at a passenger across the aisle: "I'm 28, I make $4 million a year. What do you do?"

At one point, the alleged millionaire was called a "loser" and responded: "You're right, I'm a loser. I own six houses."

Flight 266 was forced to return to the gate and Brackett was escorted off, ABC News reports.

As he was removed, he was heard saying: "I've got 20/20 vision with a 176 IQ."

Two other men were removed from the flight for being disruptive. Once they left the aircraft, the remaining passengers clapped.

The men tested below the legal blood-alcohol limit by police and were released.

Speaking to CBS News after the incident, Brackett said: "I'm standing up for my mistakes. I'm not blaming anybody but myself for the actions that I did."

He blamed his outburst on post-traumatic stress disorder after one of the passengers told him the flight attendant was of Middle Eastern descent and probably had a bomb.

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