At least 100 people dead in India as fire breaks out at temple

More than 200 injured after explosions caused by fireworks at Puttingal temple

India Temple Fire Kills More Than 100 Worshipers at Hindu New Year Event

At least 100 people have been killed following an explosion at a Hindu temple caused by a fireworks display in Kerala.

A building at the temple collapsed resulting in many of the deaths, with more than 200 people injured, the BBC reports.

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The incident happened at 3.30am during celebrations of a local New Year festival when thousands of worshippers gathered at the Puttingal temple.

The Guardian reports that state home minister Ramesh Chennitala said the fire started when a stray firework hit a stockpile of fireworks.

Local resident Anitha Prakash told BBC Hindi: "Our house is unliveable. Everything is blown off... If we had stayed in our house last night, we would have all died."

Another resident said: "Huge pieces of concrete were flying through the air."

The Kerala government has ordered an investigation.

Kerala's Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said: "There was no permission to even store the fireworks."