Plane grazes tourist's hand as he takes photo at St Barts airport

Video shows man being clipped by aircraft's wheels at world's most dangerous airport

Tourist touched by plane at St Barts airport

The scary moment a plane clipped a holidaymaker's hand on approach to the world's most dangerous airport was captured on camera.

Local resident of St Barts, Sebastien Politano, shot the video showing the plane's wheels making contact with a man as he tried to take photos of the aircraft landing on the Caribbean island.

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Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Politano, 46, said: "The man has felt the wheel of the aircraft touching his right hand. He has shown me the little traces."

"He just said, 'It hit my hand, it hit my hand.' At this time I think he doesn't realise that he is a lucky man."

But not all social media users were convinced.

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Writing on Facebook, David Horton said: "If you look closely and re-play the video a few times it doesn't look like the tire comes anywhere near his hand."

Another slammed the tourist for having "no regards to his own or anyone else's safety."

St Barts' Gustaf III Airport has one of the scariest runways in the world due to its location directly under a hill and being just 650 metres long.

Last May, slow motion footage, captured by YouTube contributor Dez Rosswess, showed a Twin Otter aircraft coming in to land at Gustaf III Airport.

The unfortunate position of the runway means that the plane has to navigate the brow of a steep hill before coming in to land safely.

Thanks to the awkward positioning of the runway, pilots are forced to approach nose down, rather than the usual position where the nose is facing upwards.

A regular runway will usually measure around 6,000 feet, compared to 2132 feet at Gustaf III.

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