Scary looking fish: Can you beat these?

The goblin shark is pretty terrifying, for starters

Top 10 Scariest Looking Fish

Better cancel that beachside all-inclusive holiday because we are pretty sure you'll never want to step foot in the ocean again after this.

We've taken a look at some of the most terrifying creatures that live in the ocean...

10. Pacu
Piranhas are scary enough without needing any help but what if we told you that there was a giant piranha related fish with human-like teeth. Pacu teeth resemble human molars because they're mostly herbivorous. Adding something so human to the face of these otherwise alien-like creatures is sure to send shivers down your spine!

9. Dragonfish
This creature looks unnervingly like the bizarre extraterrestrial that bursts out of John Hurt's stomach in Alien and it lives on this planet. There are many varieties but the deep sea dragon fish is definitely the creepiest. It even has a luminescent bell that hangs from its jar, just to add to the creature's strange look!

8. Wels Catfish
Anyone who has said 'size doesn't matter' has clearly never encountered this fresh-water mammoth. The Wels Catfish can grow to 13 feet in length and it can weigh a whopping 880 pounds. It can be found all over Europe and eats fish and any other small amphibious animals. Some people believe this may actually be the species that people have mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster.

7. Alligator Gar
While it jaws the jaws of an alligator, this thing actually looks a lot more like a dinosaur, and that's not far from the truth. This animal is often referred to as a living fossil as it retains many characteristics of its ancestors. Fossils of this fish date back over 100 million years to the early cretaceous period. They can grow to ten feet long and hit weights of around 300 pounds.

6. Tigerfish
Known as 'Africa's answer to the piranha', the Tigerfish has such a distinct viciousness to its appearance that it needs no help in making a name for itself. Their pin point sharp teeth will take chunks out of other fish and even be a worthy match for a crocodile's leathery scales. They are lean, muscular and have disproportionately large teeth, all the hallmarks of a terrifying water creature!

5. Gulper Eel
We can all agree that pelicans are funny looking but the Gulper Eel is possibly even more bizarre to look at. The eels, which are also know as pelican ells, have the same stretchy jawline that pelicans have that enables them to carry plenty of things in their mouths. They also have an expanding stomach which allows them to eat fish and crustaceans as large as themselves.

4. Lamprey Eels
This long cylindrical fish seems to have inspired film makers all over the world when it comes to creating terrifying sci-fi animals but these eels are very real and very much alive on our planet. Their round mouths are covered in row upon row of sharp teeth and these unique mouths are used to latch on to moving targets, eating away at the flesh until they reach blood.

3. Cookiecutter Shark
This shark ranges from 10 to 22 inches in length and has a long cigar shaped body and its lips are designed to allow them to suck on flesh. From this position it slowly spins, biting down with its sharpened teeth, eventually removing a large oval clump of flesh.

2. Anglerfish
This creature of the deep is pretty much one big mouth with fins. Like many fish that live close to the ocean floor, it uses bioluminescence to attract its food. The anglerfish uses this to direct other fish directly into its mouth and sharp teeth. These teeth are angled inwards so prey can swim in but can rarely get out.

1. Goblin Shark
This rare deep sea shark has pink fleshy skin and looks like some kind of shark hybrid. Their mouth, which is hidden under their oddly long nose, is full of thin, sharp, nail-like teeth. Their jaws extend forward and expand when they attack too. While not considered a threat to humans, they can bite!

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