Great white shark lunges at jet skiers (video)

Pair get a fright in Fraser Island


Great white shark rams jet skiers

A woman and a friend had a very close encounter with a great white shark this week - after it lunged at their jet ski.

The pair were jet skiing off Fraser Island in Australia when they saw a shark and went in for a closer look.

The shark apparently did not appreciate this and rammed the jet ski.

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Libby Williams uploaded footage to Facebook after capturing it on her GoPro.

She wrote: "So this just happened. I literally had to move my leg so it didn't get mauled!!"

The video has also been shared by Sunshine Coast Fishing.

gavin Turner

Look at this for a close call.....

Posted by Sunshine Coast fishing on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bond University shark expert Daryl McPhee said the shark was a great white, a species known to frequent the waters around Fraser Island.

Speaking to ABC News, he said: "They are not always aggressive, but just like a lot of people, I guess it thought the jet ski was annoying.

"I don't think it thought they were lunch.

"I think it was the shark being annoyed and it telling the source of annoyance to go away."

Sunshine Coast shark conservationist and diver Tony Isaacson said humpback whales visited areas around Fraser Island from May to November, where they gave birth to their calves and said the shark in the video was likely a great white shark in the right place at the wrong time.

Speaking to the Brisbane Times, he said: "We know great white sharks will follow humpback whales on northern migration and will take any opportunistic feed associated with that calving and whale migration.

"What interests me about this jet ski and this large shark is that it is the right place but the wrong time of the year for that shark to expect any kind of substantial feed."

He added: "It has made an error of judgment, instead of navigating south, and I would say it would stay there for no more than a day or two.

"It is perhaps a sub-adult, which would add to the idea that it has made a mistake because it lacks experience."

He said the shark was "just cruising" and merely reacted to the proximity of the jet ski.

Some online users suggested the pair should not have gone that close to agitate the "poor shark".

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