Warm-hearted police officer walks lost pig home

"I've never got that close to a pig before. I loved him!"

Police Officer Walks Home a Lost Pig and Melts Hearts Everywhere

When a police officer in Georgia, USA responded to a call of a pig on the loose, he was surprised to found a friendly domesticated pig - who became his new friend.

Meet 'Pork Chop'. That's the name Deputy Jason Spielman of the Peach County Sheriff's Office in Georgia named him after the pair formed a special bond.

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Initially, the deputy thought it was a wild hog, which can be pretty dangerous, so he was dreading what he might be walking into when he answered the call.

But instead, he met a friendly domesticated pig. Turns out he'd somehow escaped from the farm where he lives.

Deputy Spielman met the pig, and spent some quality time with him, and says "I've never got that close to a pig before. I loved him!"

After finding out where his new animal friend lived, rather than have his owners drive up to come get him, the deputy walked him back home.

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