Lorry overturns in strong winds: watch this terrifying video

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured in the accident

Lorry Overturns Blocking Humber Bridge

This dashcam footage reveals the terrifying moment a lorry driving along the Humber Bridge was completely overturned in strong winds.

The lorry appears to lose control entirely and fly into the barriers.

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The footage was shot from a vehicle behind the lorry on 6 April and shows it losing control and knocking over a lamp post.

The passengers in the car filming the footage can be heard discussing how the huge vehicle appears to be struggling and even lifting off one wheel.

The bridge was temporarily closed due to the accident although Humberside Police have confirmed that no one was seriously injured in the accident.

The Humber Bridge's northbound route was the most affected by the incident, although both sides of the bridge were closed. It was reopened again at around 5pm yesterday (Wednesday).

This isn't the first time this year a lorry has overturned on the same bridge in strong winds.

At the beginning of February fire crews were called tot the bridge after one lorry got into difficulties during Storm Henry, leaving it hanging over the footpath at the side of the bridge.

Again the police had to close both sides of the bridge, the Hull Daily Mail reported.

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