Guest finds 'horror' note in hotel bed

"If you're reading this then the hotel didn't change your sheets"

Guest finds 'horror' note in hotel bed

When you check into a hotel, it's quite normal to presume that your room has been thoroughly cleaned - and your sheets changed.

However, one unfortunate hotel guest found a stomach-churning note on his bed recently that said: "If you're reading this, then house keeping did not change your sheets."

Not what you want to see on the first day of your trip.

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The note was found by a guest staying at a Courtyard Marriott hotel and the image was shared on Reddit, reports Fox8.

The caption read: "Heard something crinkle whenI settled in for the night..."

A number of people responded and shared some of their hotel horror stories.

One wrote: Found a used condom under the side of the bed once when I stayed in an extended stay hotel in Florida. Disgusting. Housekeeping there was a joke."

Another said: "My husband found a pair of used underwear and a couple bottles of nips in the bed side table. They didn't believe us."

According to the Metro, one particularly horrifying story read: "A few years ago I and a co-worker stayed in a room for a month during some out-of-state training.

"At the end of the month we are packing everything up and take the sheets off of the beds just to be sure we aren't missing anything.

"A partial denture with four false teeth falls out of his sheets. He wasn't missing any teeth."


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