You can now expect a cheque if your Virgin Train is delayed

Vouchers to be replaced in new policy for east and west coast routes


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We've all been there – your train is seriously late, and you go to the effort of claiming compensation. Only to be given... travel vouchers.

But now, the next time you head home for the weekend, or actually make the effort to visit friends on the other side of the country, and your Virgin train is delayed, you'll get a cheque instead. Which, yes, you'll be able to spend on whatever you want *imagination runs wild*

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For young people who probably don't travel that much on trains it's a pretty sweet move.

FYI, the policy will apply on the east and west coast routes.

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There have been other attempts by Virgin Trains to improve its response to disrupted journeys, of course.

In October the firm launched a system for west coast travellers who buy advance tickets through its website – if they're entitled to compensation, they receive money directly onto their payment cards.

Oh, and new arrangements came into effect in July last year meaning all rail passengers can request to receive their pay-out in cash.

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But this new move means a cheque is the default option over travel vouchers for all passengers.

About 5% of Virgin Trains were either cancelled, at least 30 minutes late or missed a scheduled stop in the 12 months up to March 5. That's according to Network Rail figures.

The average for rail firms across England and Wales? 3%.

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