Ancient human remains found in Laos (video)

The burials are thought to date back around 2,500 years

Ancient Human Remains Found At Plain of Jars In Laos

A recent discovery is providing archaeologists with insights into the mysterious site in Laos known as Plain of Jars.

A press release issued by Australian National University reveals that its team has found evidence of burials and human remains dating back around 2,500 years.

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One of the lead researchers, Dr. Dougald O'Reilly, told the BBC about three distinct burials which have been described as 'bones placed in pits with a large limestone block on top, bones buried in ceramic vessels, and a single body in a grave.'

As such, he is quoted as saying: "I don't think there is any doubt now that these jars were related to mortuary ritual."

Thousands of jars are believed to be buried in the area, with each measuring up to 10 feet tall and the heaviest weighing more than 10 tons.

According to O'Reilly, this excavation is 'the first major effort since the 1930s to attempt to understand the purpose of the jars and who created them.'

The team plans to continue learning more about the vessels themselves and the people involved with the burials.

According to Lonely Planet, local legend says the jars were created to brew rice wine to celebrate the 6th century liberation.

Many smaller jars that were previously also found in the area have been taken off site by collectors but it's thought that there are around 2,500 jars and fragments remaining on site.

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