Robson Green injured after crocodile 'attack' in Australia

Actor ended up in hospital while filming new show

Robson Green injured after crocodile incident at zoo

Robson Green ended up in hospital while filming a new TV show in Australia - after a crocodile gave him such a fright he fell over.

The actor, 51, fell back into a metal pole after the creature snapped at him from behind bars while he was filming new show Robson Green's Australian Adventure.

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Speaking to The Sun, he said: "During the sequence a crocodile snapped at my leg and I jumped out of the way and banged my head on a wooden pole.

"When I was checked over in the local hospital, they asked what had happened and I said, 'Crocodile attack!'"

He explained: "It was actually in a cage and I was out of harm's way so it wasn't really dangerous at all.

"But stupidly it gave me such a fright that I jumped out of the way and banged my head on the pole. I can say legitimately that I got a cut on my head from a crocodile attack."

According to Mirror , he added: "It was quite embarrassing actually because I was genuinely upset that I'd hurt myself and got a cut on my head. I screamed, I hurt my head, there was blood.

"For an instant I thought, 'What the hell am I going to do?' because I can't do anything else. All I do as an actor is tell stories and my face is my fortune. It's all I've got."

Robson's new show sees him trekking across Australia over seven weeks to "show how people survive but also thrive in a very harsh and brutal environment and just explore the ways of a culture that has been in existence for thousands and thousands of years".

Robson Green's Australian Adventure airs on Quest from Friday April 8 at 9pm.

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