Land of the Strays: home to 900 abandoned dogs in Costa Rica

Would you adopt an Alaskan Fluffyterrier or a Chubby-Tailed Dobernauzer?

'Land of the Strays' is home to 900 dogs and you can visit and adopt them

Calling all dog lovers! This beautiful spot in Costa Rica is home to hundreds of stray dogs - all of whom are available for adoption.

It's called Territorio de Zaguates (Land of the Strays) and yes, you can visit. This privately funded, volunteer-run organisation takes care of 900 dogs and has a policy not to put any animals down.

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The pups are fed, bathed, and taken on scenic walking tours for exercise. It's a completely open space, so the dogs spend their days freely roaming around the property.

There are also indoor areas for sleeping, bathing, eating in case of bad weather.

People can visit and play with the dogs and, while there's no pressure to take one home with you, it would be hard not to adopt at least one of these pups.

There's a misconception that purebred dogs are better than a mixed breeds, so it's harder to find mutts forever homes. But Land of the Strays is trying to change that. Instead of being labeled 'mutt' or 'mixed' the shelter comes up with unique sounding breeds - like The Alaskan Collie Fluffyterrier or the Chubby-Tailed Dobernauzer.

Technically it's a paradise for dogs, but it is also a paradise for dog lovers too!

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