Sight-seeing helicopter crash in USA: Five dead

Four tourists visiting Tennessee mountains killed along with pilot

Sight-seeing helicopter crashes killing 5

Five people are dead after a sight-seeing helicopter crashed in East Tennessee, USA.

The owner of Smokey Mountain Helicopters confirmed with local news sources that the group, who were viewing the mountainous area, crashed while taking in part in the tourist attraction.

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According to ABC News the crash happened at around 3.30pm local time on Monday near Sevierville.

Police Chief Jack Baldwin said: "There's not much left of the helicopter, it's pretty much gone from the fire."

He added: "There's a little bit of the tail fin of the helicopter, and that's about all that's left, that and the console, that's about it."

It's thought that the sightseeing tour helicopters fly over the area three or four times each day.

Shawn Matern witnessed the crash and told WBIR that he saw the pilot roll out of the burning helicopter.

Matern said: "A couple of our neighbours went over the river to see how he was doing."

"The guy asked him 'Are you still with me?' And the guy just shook his head, he raised his hand and the next few minutes he passed away."

Authorities are continuing to investigate the causes of the crash.

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