China's death simulator allows tourists to be 'cremated'

Is this one of the most bizarre ideas ever?


Be 'cremated' in China's death simulator

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be cremated and then be re-born through a latex womb-like womb?

Of course you have.

Which is why a business in Shanghai, China has opened a new "attraction" hoping to give you that exact experience.

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Willing participants are asked to think of a life-or death experience in order to sacrifice themselves. The person who has the worst experience then "dies".

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One participant who tested the 'game' said: "It gives you the chance to calm down and give in to deeper thoughts.

"When you walk through the door, you will experience some differences to your mentality."

The entrepreneurs behind it say it want to give people the chance to forget their problems and gain a different perspective.

A ticket to play the 'game' costs $68 (around £48).

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