Dubai named world's most expensive tourist destination

Budapest was announced as the most affordable location

Dubai named world's most expensive holiday destination

Price is something that affects most people's choice of where to go on holiday this year and recent findings show that those who are hoping to get away on a tight budget should not go to Dubai.

The city has been named as the world's most expensive tourist destination which may not come as a surprise to those who have visited.

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According to the Daily Mail holidaymakers spend an average of £278.92 per person for a one night stay in the city while second place on the list was taken by New York where each visitor is said to spend around £256.80.

Filling out the top five are Botswana, Marrakech and Sydney while London came in sixth place.

The study was conducted by Hoppa, an airport transfers booking service.

the prices were calculated by taking into account six things Brits buy on holiday, these include: a pint of beer, cup of coffee, meal for two, a bottle of wine, taxi fares and a hotel room for one night.

Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world and a five night stay for two in the city is likely to cost an average of £2,800.

At the other end of the spectrum was Budapest, which had the cheapest hotel rates of all the countries profiled with it costing just £23.23 per person, per night.

Although London came sixth in the overall list it came in second place when considering the cheapest and most expensive places for a meal for two.

New York took the top spot with a meal in a restaurant for two costing £54.93 while it would set you back £50 in London.

Wine fanatics should head to Faro in Portugal and Budapest for a good value bottle of plonk. It will cost you £3.54 and £3.57 in Faro and Budapest respectively.

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