Wall collapses onto Montreal street (video)

No one was hurt in the incident

Wall collapses onto Montreal street

One thing you wouldn't expect when walking down the street is for a huge wall to suddenly collapse, but this is almost exactly what happened in Montreal recently.

Luckily no one was hurt during the incident but it was a little too close to home for two workmen walking past at the time.

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Part of a building was being demolished at the hands of a rather large piece of machinery.

The footage, apparently filmed from a nearby office, shows a few pieces of rubble falling before suddenly the whole wall seems to become incredibly unstable and suddenly plummets to the ground.

The workmen walking past luckily quickly realised what was happening and quickly got themselves out of the danger zone.

According to Yahoo News the building in question had been destroyed by a fire two nights before the demolition took place.

A similar incident occurred in London last year although there was a significantly higher risk of injury as the street was not closed off to the public.

People walking down the Uxbridge Road in Shepherd's Bush were stunned when a mountain of bricks, planks and debris rained down onto the pavement.

It's thought the building was undergoing renovation work at the time which may explain why the incident occurred.

Luckily only one man was walking past as the debris started to fall and he was able to quick dart out of the way before he was hit.

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