This is how planes of the future will look

Screens as windows, bigger cabins and separate lounge areas coming to future aircrafts


Cramped legs, temperamental screens and missing out on a window view will be a thing of the past as future planes are set to get bigger and better for flyers.

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) and specialists in aircraft design at Imperial College London have revealed how air travel will be like in 30 or 40 years.

Virtual reality headsets, spacious lounges and seating for up to 1,000 people are likely to feature as aircrafts are set to look drastically different.

The research shows that aircrafts will be designed with blended-wing bodies featuring larger wings. These would include vastly more cabin space for passengers to finally be able to stretch their legs.

To overcome the reduced number of windows per passenger, transparent LCD screens will mimic windows by displaying the view outside, as well as being able to play in-flight entertainment. Virtual reality headsets will also be built into the seats.

Meanwhile, the larger cabins will allow for more space for in-flight bars, together with separate lounge areas to allow passengers to venture from their seats and socialise more freely during their journeys.

These aeroplanes will be propelled by clusters of electric fans powered by small biofuel engines, producing only a tiny fraction of the emissions from current aircraft.

There will be no more squinting at tiny LCD screens on the back of a seat either. With a curved OLED screen, wraparound visors will display movies and games in full 3D, bringing a whole new dimension to in-flight entertainment. They will automatically fold away on take-off and landing, or in the event of an emergency.

Wackiest aircraft design ideas

Wackiest aircraft design ideas