Rat crawls all over sleeping subway passenger (video)

The unsuspecting man jumped up and ran into the next carriage

Disgusting Rat Crawls on Sleeping Subway Passenger

One poor passenger riding the New York subway recently got a shock when he fell into a deep sleep on his way home and was rudely awakened by a large rat crawling up his torso and around the back of his neck.

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He was quick to swipe the animal off but not before it had walked all over him.

The rat's victim wasn't going to take any chances either, as soon as he got rid of the filthy rodent he jumped up and ran into the next carriage.

According to the person behind the camera the rat made its own way off the subway at Time Square, presumably looking to take in some of the classic New York sights!

This isn't the only time rats have wreaked havoc on transport.

At the end of 2015 an Air India plane was forced to return to Mumbai after a rat was spotted on board.

The plane was supposed to be travelling to London when the rat was spotted by a passenger as they were flying over Iran.

The flight then returned to Mumbai and was fumigated and checked before being put back into service.

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