Passenger opens emergency plane door while looking for toilet

The woman said it was her first time on a plane

Airline Passenger Looking For Restroom Opens Emergency Door, Activates Slide

A passenger onboard a China Southern Airlines flight preparing to depart for Shenzhen caused a bit of a disturbance.

While searching for a restroom the 50-year-old woman managed to open the plane's emergency exit and activate the inflatable slide in the process.

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According to Mashable, several people onboard shared the experience via Weibo, noting that upon hearing a loud hissing sound many passengers became panicked.

Newser reports that the woman had never flown before and was looking for an alternative bathroom in hopes of avoiding the long queues for the toilets on board.

After the worrying incident took place, cabin crew claimed the door opener's passport and boarding pass and she was later taken by police for investigation-related purposes.

It has also been noted that this is the second time in two months a passenger in China has tried to open the emergency door for a non-emergency reason.

According to the Independent, a man was about to depart from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport when he opened the emergency exit in the hopes of 'getting some fresh air'.

The bizarre interruption to the flight schedule meant that the plane was delayed for just under an hour while security checks were done.

At the end of last year, British Airways crew members were forced to restrain a passenger who tried to open the exit door while the plane was in the air.

It was determined that her actions were not related to terrorism and the woman was later charged with interfering with the crew.

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Man Attempts to Open Emergency Exit Door Mid-Flight