Woman causes explosion while walking and texting (video)

A lesson in why you shouldn't walk and text at the same time

Woman causes explosion while walking and texting (video)

A woman has highlighted in alarming effect just exactly why you should never walk and text at the same time.

She is spotted on CCTV wandering through a restaurant kitchen, looking down at her phone as she goes.

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As she's texting and not looking where she's going, the lady manages to knock over a gas cylinder.

Smoke starts billowing and other staff members run in to see what is going on.

Just a few seconds later the gas is ignited and a large explosion starts an inferno in the kitchen.

The woman suffered burns and the kitchen was badly damaged in the incident, which happened in Yichun, in the Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, according to the Metro.

The Mirror reports that the explosion actually caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

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