Lorry smashes into petrol station (video)

Three people filling up car as lorry careers onto forecourt

Lorry smashes into petrol station (video)

The terrifying moment a lorry smashes into a petrol station where three men were filling up a car has been caught on CCTV.

Three men can been seen talking, two customers and an attendant, behind the silver car at the station in Calabria, Italy.

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Suddenly, an out-of-control lorry comes careering into them from behind.

The men barely have any time to get out of the way, but somehow they all survived without serious injuries.

According to the Mirror, the attendant was actually hit by the car as it was bumped forward and received minor injuries.

Two men can be seen hugging after the scare, thankful to be alive.

The footage has been shared online at YouTube and LiveLeak.

One user wrote: "Italians... hug and be thankful you're still alive. I bet they went and had a nice espresso right after that. Americans... no time to hug, gotta call my lawyer."

Another user on on LiveLeak said: "That pillar must have been made out of Superman's costume."

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