Ever seen six dogs ride a longboard? You have now

The dog squad also regularly goes skateboarding and paddle boarding

French Bulldogs on Longboard

If you thought watching a cat skiing was bizarre, wait until you see the man who travels around on a longboard with his six pet French bulldogs.

The fun-loving pet owner manages to balance his adorable pet pooches on his electric longboard as his glides along, catching the attention of many other passersby.

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According to ninemsn the troop's owner is Miguel Escobar who runs the Facebook page, 'The French Brigade'.

The page's biog explains that three of the cute animals, Maximus, Major and Maverick, make up part of the dog squad that are regularly seen 'skateboarding, paddle boarding and running' on the roads and waters of South Bay, California.

The French Brigade On Stand Up Paddle Boards

The frenchbrigade crushing on land and sea!#thefrenchbrigade#thekinectafrenchies#Godbless

Posted by The French Brigade on Friday, 18 March 2016

Another recent video on their Facebook page shows the six dogs cantering along behind the longboard while attached to each other in pairs.

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The dogs have also demonstrated their talents on water with a clip showing all six of them balanced on a paddle board, accompanied by a life jacket for each of them of course, safety first!

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