Flight attendant leaves 66lb of cocaine at airport security

Woman had drugs stashed in carry-on luggage

Flight attendant flees after 70b of cocaine found in bag

A flight attendant dropped her bags and fled when she was selected for random screening at Los Angeles International Airport.

A search then revealed 66lb of cocaine in her carry-on luggage.

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The woman had arrived at the terminal on Friday, and escaped on foot, said Special Agent Timothy Massino.

She kicked off her Gucci shoes and ditched two suitcases full of clothes. She used her cell phone to make a call to someone, speaking in a foreign language, before fleeing.

Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association spokesman Marshall McClain told the NY Post: "She kicked her high heels off and left her shoes and bag behind.

"She knew if she dropped both of them she'd be able to run away more quickly.

"She was then able to high-foot it out of the terminal, down an up escalator while barefoot, where we assume she got into a car and took off to parts unknown."

The Guardian reports that it's not clear which airline the woman worked for.

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