Daredevil crosses Mount Everest crevice on ladders (video)

The Khumbu Icefall is know to be one of the most dangerous areas on the mountain

Ladder Crossing Crevasses on Mt. Everest

For those with a fear of heights, there are many sights that will make your stomach turn in terror and watching this man cross a90 foot crevice on Mount Everest using a ladder may be one of them.

This brave adventurer can be seen crossing the infamous Khumbu Icefall with the help of two ladders that have been strapped together and balanced across the top of the crevice.

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The fearless climber takes the life-threatening walk slowly and steadily, making his way across the gap in less than a minute, firmly planting his feet in the snow on the other side.

According to National Geographic the Khumbu Icefall is more than half a mile wide and is cornered on both sides by sheer rock walls.

The icefall is around 17,500 foot from base camp and approximately 19,500 foot from Camp 1 on Everest.

One of the reasons the icefall is so deadly is that it's an area of constantly moving and falling ice making the ground underfoot incredibly unsteady.

The icefall is known as one of Everest's most dangerous locations with many brave climbers losing their lives at the hands of avalanches.

ITV reports that 16 sherpas were killed in 2014 when they were preparing the icefall for the new season of climbers making their way to the region to scale the famous mountain.

It's thought that in the last 50 years several dozen people have died at the icefall, the majority of which have been sherpas thanks to the frequency with which they have had to cross the dangerous passage.

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