Suspect package or work of art? This passed airport security

Passenger carries his 'bomb' artwork onto plane

Passenger Brings Bomb-Like 'Art' Through Security at JFK Airport

If you worked as a security agent in one of the world's major airports and came across a dubious package containing a metal can, wires and various other strange objects, your first thought probably wouldn't be that it was art.

But that's exactly what happened in New York's JFK Airport recently when a passenger explained to a TSA agent that the worrying looking package was actually just a piece of art.

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TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said the passenger tried to bring a can filled with what looks like plaster and connected with wire ropes through airport security.

She posted a picture of the odd looking piece on her Twitter page along with the comment: "TSA came upon a suspicious item in checked bag @ JFK. Found not to be dangerous and okay to fly. Traveler: 'It's art.'"

The item was found in a bag that had been checked in at JFK but it was later determined that the object was not dangerous and it was safe for it to be allowed on the plane.

This isn't the first time a brave passenger has tried to sneak something questionable through the detectors.

Just a few weeks ago Farbstein posted a picture of a pair of shoes a passenger wanted to take on holiday with them.
Sounds safe enough, right? Wrong! The heel of the shoes were moulded in the shape of a gun which was instantly flagged up by the scanners.

Farbstein's Twitter page is full of questionable decisions made by passengers including one who thought it was appropriate to take a loaded gun on board a plane while others tried to travel with saw blades, a hand grenade and even a throwing star!

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