How to handle a plane disaster: Use this app

Better than a safety demo? 'Prepare for impact' simulates a plane crash

This App Simulates Plane Disasters For Your Own Safety

Calling all nervous flyers! This new app could save your life in a mid-air emergency.

'Prepare for Impact' is a new app which teaches you how to handle a (simulated) plane disaster through a video game and virtual reality experience.

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The innovative idea has been developed by a team at the University of Udine in Italy and it sounds like it may be in high demand as research has shown that passengers don't really understand the safety cards handed out on planes.

However this new technology may be the answer as interactive games can help with the retention of information.

Estimates show that as many as 90% of aircraft accidents are survivable, but only if you know what you're doing in case of an emergency!

So, while this simulation might be mildly terrifying and not advisable viewing right before hopping on a flight, it could come in handy in a worst case scenario.

According to The Siver Times the app requires the user to make a series of decisions that will ultimately affect the survival chances of themselves and their fellow passengers.

The end of the experiment provides the user with a report on their actions with notes on what should be corrected in case of a real life emergency.

Would you know when to grab the oxygen mask or when to 'adopt the brace position', are you even sure what the brace position is? Maybe it's time to get your hands on Prepare for Impact...

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