British Airways cabin floods after water pipe bursts

Flight to London Heathrow a damp squib

British Airways cabin floods after water pipe bursts

A London-bound British Airways flight saw a flood in the cabin after a service trolley hit a water pipe.

The plane had taken off from Johannesburg in South Africa on Sunday, and was around 90 minutes into the flight when the incident occurred.

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Nicolas Gausserand, from Toulouse in France, was travelling back from a business trip, and spoke to the Evening Standard about what happened.

He said: "It was a lot of water, and really scary when you are at 30,000 feet.

"My bag was totally wet and my iPad damaged but BA customer service compensate me for the iPad.

"There was no panic at all. Just a really strange atmosphere."

He also posted a picture of the scene on Twitter.

The pipe burst in the upper passenger deck and went through the ceiling and air conditioning system into the lower deck.

Speaking to, Nicolas added: "The crew began putting blankets on the floor. We saw that it was chaos and [they] were overwhelmed by the situation."

However, it actually only took 15 minutes to get the flood under control.

According to the Mirror, a BA spokesman said: : "A trolley knocked a water pipe and unfortunately it caused a leak on Sunday. Not serious but inconvenient.

"There was no risk to the aircraft or customers on board. The aircraft landed normally at Heathrow, and we're sorry for the inconvenience to customers."

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