Watch: Cheeky lions steal GoPro camera

The escapade was caught on film

Cheeky Lions Steal GoPro

This pride of lions decided to get their 15 minutes of fame - by stealing a GoPro.

The lions, from the Avoca pride at Makanyi Lodge in Kruger National Park, South Africa, nonchalantly stroll up to the camera, before one of the cats decided to put the camera in its jaws.

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Massimo da Silva, a Wildlife and Game Lodge Photographer said: "We were out at the water hole one morning and there was the Avoca pack, consisting of 12 lions currently. They were just lazing about on the side of the dam. We decided to put out a GoPro and see what happened."

The footage shows the brave animal stealing the camera out of the jaws of another lion before running off with it.

After taking a tour of the rest of the pack the lion dropped the GoPro on the ground but it wasn't long before it was picked up by another member of the pride.

The photographers did a loop of the site in their safari truck and came back around in time to find the lion with the camera still firmly clamped in its jaws.

The footage even shows the crew arriving back at the site in the background while they try and get the wild animal to drop the camera.

Massimo added: "We saw it was still filming, the red light and the blue light were still flashing which put a bit of a smile on my face that it wasn't a lost cause. When we arrived it dropped the GoPro and we were fortunate enough to get the footage."

The camera remains intact and in good working order although it has a few puncture marks in it from the big cats sharp teeth.

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