Ryanair lists carry-on items for people scared of flying

Parachute? Check. Avalanche kit? Check.

Airline Offering Carry-on Items to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Do you suffer from fear of flying?

You're not alone: an estimated six per cent of people suffer from flying phobia, believing that they are doomed to die in a crash every time they board a plane.

Of course, you don't need us to tell you that this is an irrational fear (you're more likely to be struck by lightning or die of food poisoning than be killed in a plane crash) - but Ryanair may have an interesting suggestion to help make you feel safer - just in case the worst happens. It says parachutes are OK carry-on items, as are avalanche survival kits and life jackets.

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Sadly, Ryanair's strict hand luggage rules mean it's unlikely that you'll have room to take these items on board - so maybe some self-help techniques might help to calm your phobia..

Experts suggest that it's useful to remind yourself of the science behind planes: air has mass, which means planes can't just drop out of the sky, while turbulence should be viewed in the same way as bumps in the road when you're driving. And most commercial flights are so safe that 90 per cent of the time they are on auto pilot (does that reassure you? Hmmmm...)

Other things they suggest are trying to stay in the present or Distract yourself with inflight entertainment.

And if that doesn't work, and you still can't stop imagining the plane crashing, then let your imagination work harder by imagining yourself surviving, going home and doing simple pleasurable things.

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