Drunk man told train driver to divert to Bolton

Man reportedly threatened staff at Manchester station


Drunk man told train driver to divert to Bolton

A drunk man threatened railway staff and ordered a train driver to divert to Bolton.

Gabriel Houlihan, 51, was said to be drunk and "slurring his words" when the incident occurred at Manchester Victoria station last January.

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He was told by one train driver that he was too drunk to be travelling on a train, before moving on to another platform and ordering the driver to go to Bolton.

Prosecutor Robin Lynch told Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court that Houlihan was behaving aggressively towards staff and that his eyes were "bulging".

After one train driver told he was too drunk and not to do anything he would regret, he moved on to the next train.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Mr Lynch said: "That train didn't go to Bolton, where he was trying to get to at that time. Because of his demeanour that employee asked for further assistance.

"Mr Houlihan demanded the train went to Bolton. He walked towards the barriers and was shouting and swearing."

Houlihan was ordered to pay a total of £270 in fines and court costs.

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