Rabbit seized in Australia after owners pretend it's a guinea pig

Unsurprisingly, police were not convinced...

Rabbit seized in Australia after owners pretend it's a guinea pig

Police in Australia seized a rabbit after its owners tried to persuade them that it was actually a giant guinea pig.

It is illegal to own a rabbit in Queensland without authorisation as they are seen as pests, so the rabbit had to be removed after officers found it in a cage in a caravan.

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Police tweeted a picture of the officer cuddling the rabbit with the caption: "Does this look like a guinea pig to you?".

Queensland Police also said in a statement: "With Easter just around the corner, this bunny got some special hugs from the officers at Springwood Police Station.

"The rabbit was found living in a cage inside a caravan and was seized by the Springwood officers after they were called to its address in relation to an incident involving its owners.

"When asked about the rabbit, the owners tried unsuccessfully to convince the police that it was actually a guinea pig. It is an offence to possess a rabbit in the state of Queensland unless you have the proper authorisation.

"Not wanting to upset the Easter Bunny and lose out on his yearly chocolate binge, Senior Constable Ben Sier made sure after he finished cuddling his fat furry friend that he found a good home for it.

"With the help of a local vet and the RSPCA, the bunny is now heading off to a rabbit rescue sanctuary in Grafton NSW."

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