The most romantic restaurants in London

Intimate places to dine with your lover, from Clos Maggiore to The Gilbert Scott


London is known as a romantic destination for couples - especially when it comes to wining an dining. So we've rounded up the best restaurants for lovers in the capital which offer intimate spaces, fairytale charm and views to swoon at when you're not looking into each other's eyes.

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Continental restaurants are always going to have that touch of je ne sais quois when it comes to romance, and London has its fair share of jolly decent ones to choose from. You can't go wrong by choosing Clos Maggiore, which was recently named the 'Most Romantic Restaurant' in the land at the Mills & Boon Romantics Awards. Singled out for it secluded ambiance, tranquillity and charm in the heart of Covent Garden, it's the finishing touches that make it stand out: with a ceiling covered in white blossom and cosy fireplace, it is like walking into a fairytale.

Couples looking for a sexy setting with views to die for will love Aqua Shard where you can enjoy a wonderful meal alongside the entire twinkling London skyline. Or, for an art deco-inspired space, Oval Restaurant is a romantic venue that evokes the elegance and glamour of the 1920s, and serves up authentic Italian cuisine.

Explore our pick of London's best romantic restaurants for couples in the slideshow below - and don't forget to tell us your favourite in the comments below!

London's most romantic restaurants

London's most romantic restaurants

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