Brits wanted! Join the Mailulu Tribe on a remote island

Fancy living in Papua New Guinea for four months?


a view of the island

If you're guilty of day-dreaming at your desk about eloping to a remote sunny island where there are no computer screens, no emails and no irritating social media bragging, then we *might* have just found the thing for you.

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The Mailulu tribe – who only use energy from the sun and water harvested from the rain – is offering 10 Brits the chance to join their clan on the untouched island of Gonubalabala, Papua New Guinea, for up to four months.

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You'd swap out your day-to-day travel card for, well, anything you can find really – whether that's sticks for fishing, bamboo to help make homes with, coconuts straight from palm trees, or yams fresh from the ground.

a bungalow on the island

So if a genuine culture shock is just what you think you need, you'd better getting saving as this pretty insane adventure doesn't come too cheap. It's $1,250 (approximately £885) per person per month – but that does include all meals and activities.

And it's not ALL hard grafting – you'd also have time to island hop, go diving and lounge around in some Instagram-worthy hammocks (because the bragging's okay when you do it, right?)

hammocks on the island

Anyone can apply – and those selected will be asked to bring their own tent or stay in a local bungalow – so what are you waiting for?!

Check out more information on the Tribewanted website here.

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