Ryan Gosling rescues dog stranded in middle of the road

A-list actor comes to the rescue in California


Ryan Gosling Saves Dog on Highway

Ryan Gosling just got even more perfect - after rescuing a dog from the middle of the road.

The actor was reportedly driving along in Palm Springs, California, and was heading to grab some lunch to celebrate his girlfriend Eva Mendes' 42nd birthday.

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Huffington Post reports that the pair almost hit the little dog, which was stuck in the middle of the road.

So our hero Ryan pulled over and got out of his car to come to the rescue.

According to the Metro, he scooped up the little white dog and managed to return it to its owner.

Photos of the scene were published by ET Online.

Gosling's love for animals is well known and, back in 2000, he spotted a dog called George from a Los Angeles animal shelter.

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Animal photobombs

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