Barbed wire boobytrap left on cycle path in Kent

Potentially lethal barbed wire 'trap' discovered

Barbed wire boobytrap left on cycle path in Kent

A barbed wire boobytrap has been found placed at neck height on a bike trail in Wormshill, Kent.

The spiked wire was stretched across the path and would be "capable of tearing a cyclist's throat", reports the Metro.

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Daniel Webster, 39, spotted the sinister scene while he himself was out on a bike ride.

Speaking to Kent Online, he said: "I was riding with my head down and I happened to look up when a glint caught my eye and I realised something was stretched across the road.

"The wire was tied between two trees. It was neatly cut and stretched tight.

"I normally come the other way down the hill but I had decided to do it in reverse. I would have been going at 20 mph and I would never have seen it. I would never have stood a chance."

He added: "It was something out of Mad Max. It was definitely a trap."

Images of the trap have been shared online.

Kent police tweeted that they were investigating the incident:

One user replied: "Surely those responsible know it's at a height capable of tearing out a cyclists throat. I hope the punishment reflects this."

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