Seal crosses road every day to visit seafood restaurant

Why catch fish when you're so cute you get given them?

Introducing Sammy the Seal, a Local Celebrity in an Irish City

Sammy the seal is something of a local celebrity in Wicklow City, Dublin.

He emerges out of the water at Howth harbour everyday and flops over the road to beg for fish from The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant.

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He's so incredibly cute, even leaning over to 'ask' for food, that sometimes the staff give in and get his fish.

But sometimes they try and shoo him away with a chair. But when that fails, the owner uses fish to entice him back to the water.

So he gets his fish either way. He's a clever boy, that Sammy.

Meanwhile, back in February, a hungry sea lion pup sat itself down at The Marine Room, an upscale seafood restaurant in San Diego, California.

The executive chef, Bernard Guillas managed to snap a few pictures of the special guest.

Guillas then jokingly wrote on Facebook, "He was a little bit early for his high tide breakfast reservation as it is this weekend on Sunday and Monday."

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