Bryan Adams' vintage guitar 'defaced' at Cairo airport

Singer says guitar 'defaced' by customs

Bryan Adams' Instruments Defaced in Egypt Airport

Bryan Adams, the singer behind hits such as Summer of '69, has reported that his collection of guitars wasdefaced by customs officials at Cairo airport.

The singer had been visiting Egypt to play several concerts by the Giza Pyramids.

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Adams told NBC News: "The problem is, it's a vintage guitar [from] 1957 and the outside of [the] old instrument is fragile."

All of the instruments were reported to receive a pen marking of some kind.

Adams shared a picture of the markings on his Instagram page.

He also shared pictures of him enjoying the iconic scenery.

However, Jamal Turki, director of customs at Cairo International Airport, said the airport was not responsible for the markings.

He told NBC News: "I followed the big fuss the international artist made on Facebook and these accusations are false.

"We don't write on equipment whether arriving or departing and the international artist should specify which department wrote on his guitar."

He suggested perhaps someone had written on the instruments when he was leaving his hotel for the airport, adding: "It may have been his room number or the car number taking him to airport. The number doesn't mean anything to us in the airport."

According to CBC News, despite the incident, Bryan reassured Egyptian fans of his love for the country and said he could get his guitars fixed.

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