Air India flight carrying MPs delayed after cabin crew fight

Two flight attendants were removed from the plane

Air India flight carrying MPs delayed after cabin crew fight

An Air India flight with a senior minister and three MPs on board was delayed for two hours after a fight broke out between two flight attendants.

The incident reportedly happened within full view of passengers after boarding was complete.

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Speaking to the Hindustan Times, an official said: "A junior flight attendant allegedly misbehaved with a senior member and there was an altercation."

And Ashwani Lohani, chairman and managing director of Air India said: "AI has suspended two cabin crew members for delaying the flight. Any kind of indiscipline will not be tolerated. We regret the inconvenience caused to passengers."

Several members of parliament were on the plane, which was flying from Delhi to Kochi.

The Daily Mail reports that a male and female steward were involved in the argument, which had arisen from a "personal issue".

It began as a verbal argument but developed into a physical brawl. Both were removed and the plane waited on the tarmac for replacement staff.

An official added: "We have ordered an inquiry and strict action would be taken against the crew responsible for the delay."

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