Planes may one day be automated

Would you fly on a self-piloted plane?

Planes May One Day Be Automated

Did you know that a typical commercial flight that is two and a half hours long is already 95 per cent automated? Pilots are only really in control during take-off and landing.

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The air travel industry is now trying to figure out whether self-piloted planes would be something the public could stomach. Some people argue that if NASA can send self-piloted crafts to space, we should be able to get passenger planes to Spain.

But after recent news of Google's self-driving car crashing into bus, nervous flyers may not be too keen.

Pilots and engineers also agree that in the event of an emergency landing a human being is still everyone's best bet for getting out in one piece.

Earlier this year, a Ukrainian aviation engineer came up with an aircraft design that he believes would greatly increase your chance of surviving a plane crash.

It involves a detachable cabin that removes itself from the plane in the case of an emergency and would work regardless of whether the plane is taking off, flying at altitude or landing.

Inflatable rafts on the cabin would help it land smoothly on land or water.

Luggage would be stored underneath the passenger compartment, so you'd still have your belongings.

Unfortunately, the pilots wouldn't be in the section that would detach...

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