Flybe plane halts takeoff after passenger 'too drunk to fasten seatbelt'

Cabin crew worried man could cause trouble mid-flight

Flybe plane halts takeoff after passenger 'too drunk to fasten seatbelt'

A Flybe plane was forced to turn back from the runway after cabin crew noticed a passenger was too drunk to do up his own seatbelt.

Keith Elliot had been set to fly out from Birmingham Airport to Belfast for his mother's funeral last November when the incident occurred.

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A court in Birmingam heard how cabin crew spotted Mr Elliot's behaviour as he first of all sat in the wrong seat.

He was told he wouldn't be served any alcohol on the flight and admitted he'd had"a couple of drinks" in the bar before the flight.

Simon Brownsey, prosecuting, said cabin crew had originally deemed him ok to fly but that they then became concerned he may cause trouble on the flight.

According to the Mirror, Mr Brownsey said: "It then became apparent that the defendant was having trouble fastening his seatbelt and he looked more drunk and had trouble understanding what the cabin crew were saying to him.

"The plane had by now left the stand but the decision was made to return to the stand and the defendant be asked to get off the plane."

The Daily Mail reports that police were called to the plane and Mr Elliot was removed.

Edward Ball, defending, said his client was nervous about his mother's funeral and was an anxious flyer. He added that had no point had he displayed aggressive behaviour.

Mr Elliot pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft and was fined £500, and ordered to pay £225 costs.

According to the Birmingham Mail, magistrate David Chester said: "We view this matter very seriously.

"It's very disturbing, not just for the flight attendants but also for the passengers, many of whom, like you, would have been anxious about flying.

"Not only that, but the plane lost its slot in the flight schedule which meant all those people were left inconvenienced."

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