Debris smashes through skyscraper window (video)

Man lucky to escape injury as storms in the UAE cause havoc


Debris Smashes Skyscraper Window

The terrifying moment a huge piece of debris smashed through a skyscraper window has been caught on camera.

Strong 75mph winds have been causing havoc in the United Arab Emirates and the man in this video was lucky to escape with his life after the window of the skyscraper was smashed in.

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Thunderstorms have brought heavy rain and gales to parts of the UAE, including Dubai, Oman, and Abu Dhabi, disrupting flights, flooding roads and forcing authorities to close schools.

According to The Times of India, three people have died in Oman due to the unsettled conditions.

On Wednesday, all flights were halted at Abu Dhabi airport, and some were delayed at Dubai International Airport.

Motorists were left stranded as floodwater filled the streets.

CNN reports that a spokesman for the UAE's National Center of Meteorology & Seismology said 11.6 inches of rain has fallen since Saturday.

Rainfall is rare in the UAE, and this number is unusually high as the area has a dry, desert climate that normally sees less than four inches of rain a year on average.

February and March are the rainiest months and see about 75 per cent of the yearly average rainfall.

It is thought the weather over the UAE and Oman will clear from Friday.

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