These ugly animals are dying off because of you (video)

Cuter animals get more attention and scientific funding

These Ugly Animals Are Dying Off Because of You

Not all ugly ducklings turn into swans - which means they'll die. At least that's according to a new study that says cute animals get more attention when it comes to research than 'gross' ones.

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And it's impacting their survival. Wildlife biologists reviewed thousands of scientific papers, and groups 331 Australian mammal species into three categories: good or well-known like wallabies and kangaroos; bad or introduced, like rabbits or foxes; and ugly, like rodents.

They found most research was on 'good' animals, and the ugly animals had the highest risk of extinction because they're being ignored by scientific funding.

The more well-known animals attract greater attention and draw in bigger money for research.

It's kind of the same way you're more likely to click on a story about a puppy than a crocodile. Humans are suckers for cute animals.

Good thing for the uglies? There's a group called the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, dedicated to raising the profile of some of mother nature's more aesthetically-challenged children.

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