Adorable tiny dog chases dolphin (video)

She obviously believes size doesn't matter

Adorable tiny dog chases dolphin (video)

A gorgeous dachshund is a viral hit after trying to chase dolphins on a kayaking trip.

The dog, called Gracie, can be seen sitting on the edge of a kayak on the Banana River, near Canaveral in Florida.

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She looks pretty chilled as she takes in her surroundings, but suddenly a dolphin pops up and she decides to dive straight in after it.

According to the Metro and the Huffington Post, her owner Tina Calderin first shared the video on YouTube last year, but it's become a viral sensation after recently being shared by the Kyoot Animals channel from America's Funniest Home Videos.

Tina said that Gracie loves the water and looks out for manatees as well as dolphins.

Writing on YouTube, Tina said: "She wanted to play. We have goats at home and she chases them. If you see she is listening for them. She never leaped out after one before. Sure she has jumped in before to swim to my husband's boat or back to mine. She loves the water, she is always in our pool. She also loves manatees. "

She added that the dog and dolphin were both fine and that "we now hold her back when she sees anything in the water. And she whines to go in. Even if it is Nessy. "

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