Moscow, Russia: Top tips from travellers

Here's what to see and where to go in the Russian capital, courtesy of our friends at TripAdvisor

Destinations on the rise: Moscow, Russia

TripAdvisor recently named Moscow as one of its destinations on the rise - and it's not difficult to see why it's growing in popularity. As the Russian capital city, Moscow perfectly demonstrates the country's contrasts at their most extreme, with a mix of ancient and modern throughout.

Historical attractions include Red Square, which according to one TripAdvisor traveller is the 'highlight' of Moscow, the Kremlin and the nine domes of St Basil's Cathedral can all be found here. Scroll down to see some top tips from travellers who have visited the city recently.

Great value hotel options in Moscow:

Mercure Moscow Baumanskaya, bookable on TripAdvisor for an average of £49 per night

Sheraton Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel, bookable on TripAdvisor for an average of £59 per night

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Moscow - Marina, bookable on TripAdvisor for an average of £70 per night

Eating out: Hardcore meat lovers should pay a visit to the Bison Steak House for dinner – the menu offers both classic and alternative cuts of meat.

Destinations on the rise: Moscow, Russia

TripTips from the TripAdvisor community:

"Take a gastronomic tour of Caucasus and Central Asia. Moscow has hundreds of ethnic restaurants (Ukrainian, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Uzbek cuisine). Moscow has everything, including an authentic North Korean restaurant." Dmitriy Z

"Moscow never sleeps. Take a walk through the brightly lit Moscow late at night." Dmitriy Z

"Do not miss the Radisson ice breaker cruise on the Moskva River if you visit the Russian capital in winter." Schonefeld

"Do not forget to visit the biggest squirrel enclave in the Neskuchniy Sad (next to Gorky Park). Bring almonds, Moscow squirrels do not eat peanuts." Schonefeld

"Try to take sightseeing tours in the mornings, as in the evenings (after 5pm) there is more traffic and you are likely to see less sights. Moscow is huge so don't plan to visit more than two sights per day if they don't lie close to one another. If you decide to visit some of the parks or museums which are in the suburbs (like Kolomenskoe, Tsaritsyno, Monino or others) plan just one for the day. If you are not a museum geek, don't plan visiting all Kremlin museums on one day (Armory fund, Territory with Cathedrals, Dimond fund), choose a maximum of two and it will be more than enough. Exchange your currency in banks... If you need to get to the airport within evening traffic-hour it's best to take the aero-express, which will take you to the airport with no traffic jams. OlgaExplorussia

"Try to learn the alphabet. It's not that hard, and you will be glad you did - it makes getting around so much easier. You'll be surprised at what you can figure out just from sounding out words."pixtory

Five things you never knew about Moscow

Though Moscow is the capital city of Russia today, it wasn't always so. From 1712 to 1918, St. Petersburg acted as the capital of Russia.

Visitors from the US, UK, and other countries must first obtain a travel visa before they will be permitted to enter Moscow.

The Moscow Kremlin is the world's largest medieval fortress.

Moscow gets its name from the river. According to one version, on the Old Slavonic "Moscow" meant "wet", as Moscow was built on swamps.

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Places to see before they change forever

Places to see before they change forever

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