UK weather: Snow and sleet to be followed by 13C this weekend

'Spring-like' temperatures to move in for the weekend

UK weather: Snow and sleet to be followed by 13C this weekend

Weather forecasters have warned it will be another chilly week for Britain as snow, sleet and ice are set to dominate - but that temperatures will rise to 13C by the weekend.

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The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for Scotland and northern England, Yorkshire and the East Midlands until Tuesday.

It reads: "A widespread frost will develop during Monday evening, then outbreaks of rain, sleet or snow will arrive from the west during the first part of Tuesday.

"Rain or sleet falling onto freezing surfaces will bring a risk of ice, whilst snow will fall briefly to quite low levels, especially across the northeast of Scotland and northern England, but will become confined to high ground through the morning.

"Please be aware of the risk of icy surfaces and the potential for some difficult travelling conditions on Tuesday morning, especially on high level routes."

The warning adds: "An occluding frontal system will move east across the UK during Tuesday morning bringing a mixture of rain, sleet or snow. This will fall onto sub zero surfaces for a time to give a risk of ice.

"Snow will mainly affect higher ground above 150 metres, with accumulations of 1 to 3 cm in places, but falling to low levels for a time in the northeast of Scotland and over parts of northern England. Snow will become confined to the hills through the morning before clearing eastwards."

But it's not all doom and gloom. By the weekend there should be a distinctly more spring-like feel to the weather, with temperatures at least doubling to 12C and possibly reaching 13C.

Speaking to the Mirror, Charlie Powell, forecaster at the Met Office, said: "We will have milder conditions on Friday, it will be settled and more spring-like.

"Thursday and Friday will be drier because of high pressure building up south and with it south-westerly wind with temperatures at 12-13C or most likely more than that."

Another Met Office forecaster Tom Crocker told the Daily Telegraph: "It's looking warmer by the weekend, but certainly the next few days, we have still got a relatively chilly theme continuing."

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